If you’re responsible for managing your organisation’s social media platforms, then you’ll always be on the lookout for a new way to spread the message about your brand.

One of the best ways to do exactly that is to use Facebook’s Promoted Posts feature, which amplifies your posts and allows you to reach a wider, more specific, audience. Here are four ideas for promoted posts that you can take into consideration.

Sharing photos

Promoting a high-quality photograph of your products or staff can be a great way to boost brand awareness and get people talking. Add a call to action to your Promoted Post to enjoy greater returns, and consider experimenting with Facebook’s Carousel feature to display more images, creating an attractive gallery to increase engagement.

Upload a video

Video on Facebook is massive. And, according to Social Media Examiner, 70% of marketers will up their use of video adverts next year, so it makes sense to get ahead of the trend. Companies such as BuzzFeed excel when it comes to video content, but you can emulate their success by uploading short, entertaining videos about your products. Depending on your industry, you could even record and upload videos that aren’t related to your brand but are instead purely for entertainment and encouraging people to like and share.

Ask people to ‘tag a friend’

‘Tag a friend who…’ posts can go viral on Facebook, so paying for more eyeballs is a good idea. Not only does it encourage existing fans to like and comment on your content, but it exposes your brand to non-fans, too. Be sure to add a link to your website in the comments section to give people a reason to find out more about your products.

Promote a special offer

Promoted Posts tend to work best when they’re boosting an organic, non-promotional piece of content, but sometimes you can be outright promotional in your approach. Use an attractive image of your product or services and add a discount coupon for users to enjoy. Weeklong promotions work best, as one-day deals won’t have time to build traction on Facebook and will leave followers disappointed when they see that the deal has expired.

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