If you want to increase your chances of ranking highly for relevant search terms on Google, then you should consider link building as part of your digital marketing strategy. Not only does doing so provide various SEO benefits, but it can position your website as an authority in your industry and help you regenerate more leads. Below, we’ve put together four unique ways to build links for your website.

Create an infographic

People love visual content – especially when it breaks down a challenging topic and make it easier to understand. If you have a designer working on your digital marketing team, then you could create an infographic for your website and let other sites use it in exchange for a link back. Tools such as Venngage can be used to design an attractive infographic, too.

Take part in an expert roundup

Expert roundups are pretty standard on the internet, but if you haven’t heard of them, they go something little like this. A blogger will ask a topical question in their chosen industry, pose it to relevant figures and put the best responses together in a blog post. Most of these roundup posts offer links back to the expert’s website, along with a short biography.

Give a testimonial

If you’re using a particular product or service, then look out for opportunities to submit your testimonials. Not only will you be able to tell the world why you’re a fan of a particular product, but you’ll also get a backlink to your website. Free promotion doesn’t have to be difficult!

Run a competition

Competitions are one of the best ways of generating retweets and gaining new followers on social media, but you can follow the same tactics for link building, too. Run a giveaway and ask your readers to write about it with a link back to your competition page before entering.

At Jumping Spider Media, we know that link building can be tricky and time-consuming. If you want to grow your brand and climb the search engine results pages, click here to find out more about our ever-evolving link building services.