Increasingly, the question on many companies’ lips isn’t so much what the social media sensation TikTok is but rather how brands could effectively use it for marketing purposes. Here are some examples of compelling content you could post in your company’s name on this video-sharing app.  

Trending songs

Music has long been a key component of TikTok’s history, with TikTok having merged with, an app that allowed users to lip-sync to music videos, in 2018. 

Today, you can easily flick to TikTok’s Discover tab to peruse a library of trending songs and add any of them to your own TikTok video. 

Videos based on trending hashtags 

It’s easy to explore those hashtags, too, on TikTok. Once you’ve found a hashtag that seems especially relevant to your company and its industry, you could use the in-app tools to create videos based around that hashtag; just don’t forget to attach it to the video itself. 

A friendly “hello”… or two… or three…

Who are the faces behind your brand? With TikTok, you can show these faces to your customers before they have even bought anything from you. Fortunately, if your business is just one person or has a small team, you could include everyone from your company in the shot. 

Answers to FAQs

After – through, naturally, a video – inviting your TikTok followers to send you questions, you could create further TikTok videos revealing answers to those questions that pop up most often. Include the text of the original question on each video as social proof of your firm’s popularity. 

Video tutorialsWith some products you offer, it could be difficult to demonstrate how to use them if you don’t demonstrate it visually – as you could do in video tutorials. Our social media experts could help you to further build on the marketing benefits of this strategy.