January, the month of exciting new beginnings… or perhaps the time when many of us feel blue after the thrills of the Christmas season, or something else entirely. Whatever your perception of the first month of the calendar year may be, there’s no doubt that it is a busy time for great numbers of online marketing businesses and their clients.

But what will you be spending that time doing? Presumably, you will be focusing a lot on your core business as everyone turns off their ‘out of office’ email responses.  

However, January is a crucial month for online marketing, too. So, we thought we’d outline five ideas for what you might do on that front to ensure this sometimes-stressful month goes by like a breeze (although hopefully not an icy January one).

Reflect on the holidays just gone

Christmas is over and done with for another year. But whether or not you still have some tidying up to do from the December office party, there could still be some scope to reflect on the past month, and what you, your staff and/or your customers ended up doing.  

Maybe you could post some (obviously tasteful!) pictures on social media of that aforementioned party that you didn’t share previously – some January ‘bonus content’, so to speak?

Or perhaps, depending on your firm’s industry, you could blog on a relevant post-Christmas subject, such as tips for cleaning the house or saving money after what may have been a financially tight festive period for many?

Make something good out of the January weather

Sure, everyone (in the UK, at least!) associates January with greyness and drizzle, and perhaps a bit of snow. But your brand could also spin some positivity and usefulness out of this.

You might, for example, choose to provide January-only discounts on products that are especially relevant to this time of year.

Or you could blog about winter-related issues, such as common January weather hazards or how readers can keep warm in their homes at the same time as minimising their heating costs.

Encourage people to reveal their New Year resolutions – and share your own!

Are there certain things that members of your team would like to achieve in their lives during the year ahead? If so – and of course, only with their enthusiastic permission – you could write about those in a social media update or blog post. This could also be a fun way to hold yourselves accountable, by reflecting on those goals again when December rolls around once more.

Naturally, you could also take the opportunity to ask your blog followers or social media audiences about their resolutions, before writing blog posts and articles about how – potentially with the help of your brand’s products or services – your readers could achieve those ambitions.

Introduce – and talk up – a customer loyalty or VIP scheme

It might seem a curious thing for us to suggest you put in place a loyalty scheme for your customers immediately after what is the most lucrative time of year for many businesses.

However, January can be an excellent time to do so, too, given the opportunity this would give you to allow your scheme to ‘bed in’ and make whatever tweaks may be necessary. And if you do get this initiative right, it could greatly support your customer retention efforts for years to come.

Don’t forget, too, to enthusiastically promote your loyalty programme across your brand’s blog, social media pages, and other channels.

Look again over your yearly marketing plan and goals

We have already touched in this blog post on the importance of reflection, and it’s not just your ‘wrapped’ on your chosen streaming service that should give you cause to look back on the 12 months just gone.

That’s because you should also be contemplating what did and what didn’t work about your firm’s marketing approach over the past year, and what all that will mean for your marketing plan for the next 12 months.

This is a great time to set both personal and professional goals – and yes, circumstances can change very quickly, which might render earlier plans outdated or irrelevant. But you should still be planning your business’s marketing year as part of your broader growth strategy.

Are you ready to aim for the (slightly overcast January) sky with your brand’s digital marketing during 2022 and beyond? If so, the Jumping Spider Media team would be delighted to hear from you.