There are many reasons why you should start to blog. Blogging is brilliant for personal, financial and professional reasons, and it could fast become one of your favourite hobbies.

Should you start blogging, here are five things you should learn in your first year:

1. It pays to support others

By promoting fellow bloggers, you’ll quickly drive traffic to your site. If you share many bloggers’ posts across all forms of social media, they are sure to return the favour. This is one easy and free way to generate traffic at a relatively good pace.

2. It will open doors for you

You’ll soon learn that blogging can lead to an array of business and traffic-generating opportunities. If your blog is successful enough, you may even be contacted by press or asked to speak at conferences.

3. Meet new people

The audience you address in your blog will likely become more than just your audience. They will become your partners, colleagues and friends. Blogging is a great way to reach out to people directly, and many will become good friends or useful business contacts.

4. Blogging will give you a voice

As blogging will allow you to tell your story, you’ll become your own media company as such. You will be able to tell your story without relying on journalists. You will be the one to decide how to portray any given story, as you will be writing about the topic completely of your own interest. What information to include and exclude will be down to you.

5. Make money

In time, you blog will grow – and, if it’s successful enough, you’ll notice opportunities to monetise. This can be extremely beneficial, as you’ll learn you can make money from home or on the go. Wherever you decide to write your blog, it can be an excellent side income.

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