Anyone who is vaguely familiar with search engine optimisation (SEO) knows that it is a very fast-moving field, and much the same could be said of link building. Here at Jumping Spider Media, we certainly keep abreast of the constant evolutions in this sometimes tricky, but nonetheless all-important art. One such trend that has caught our eye recently is the increasing importance of social media.

Multiple studies have shown a correlation between social signals – Facebook likes, shares, Twitter retweets and so on – and search engine ranking. It isn’t automatically the case that correlation means causation, of course, but the correlations definitely exist, and in any case, there’s proven value in SEO terms to people linking to your site from a social media platform like Facebook, Google+ or Tumblr.

That isn’t the only way social media can boost your link profile. After all, when you do acquire links on sites like Facebook, it’s much more likely that they will be shared and perpetuated across that platform – and even potentially across other platforms. In short, social media gets your links in more places, more easily. With more people therefore seeing your link, it’s likely that more people will click through and be sufficiently impressed to share further. It all adds even more to your online content’s SEO value.

Social media can even help you to find opportunities to build links – but perhaps that’s for another blog. Just take this message away today: social media now means bigger and bigger things in the world of link building. Contact us now to find out how we can help to build the very best link profile for your own site.