Keeping your site in the spotlight can be tiring at times – you might feel as though there are always new articles to write, social media status updates to post, and videos to shoot. Well, except that… there aren’t always. Sometimes, you can simply fall back on the content you already have.  

Repurposing your existing online content is the digital marketing equivalent of a musician reworking their greatest hits or bringing out a new compilation. And like those examples, when done well, it has a track record of helping to deliver heightened awareness and sales.  

But how exactly can you effectively repurpose your own site’s older content? 

Tweak outdated content and promote it again

Certain pieces of content can seem super-relevant when first posted, only to age quickly. For example, a tech repair store might publish an article that advises how to optimise smartphone battery life but advocates software that is later discontinued. 

If you have a time-sensitive post like this in your online repository, look into how you could not only update the information, but also use this refresh to justify publicising the piece again.   

List your most popular content and email it to customers

Here, “customers” refers to those who have joined your emailing list – as these people are less likely to regard what you email them as “spam”. 

Look at which of your website’s articles from the past seem to attract the most hits. Then, email your subscribers the links to these pieces so that they draw even more attention. 

Promote your content where it wouldn’t usually be advertised

When you originally posted a certain piece of content, you probably also shared it on your brand’s social media pages as a matter of routine. However, as many of your followers might still remember when you first shared the content there, it’s a good idea to look for new ways – and new places – to promote it.

You may, for example, like the idea of writing new articles – using information from your existing content – that could then be posted on other sites. This can be a fine way of generating backlinks pointing to your site’s older content pieces. 

For a more detailed discussion of the possibilities for repurposing content on your site – not to mention other in-demand forms of digital marketing – don’t hesitate to enquire to the Jumping Spider Media team via phone or email.