We’ve talked about Google algorithm changes before, and how they can significantly impact the search rankings of an online business. In many ways, the latest one – Panda 4.0 – is just like the rest in the emphasis it places on high quality websites and content.

The original Panda update was certainly about penalising those poorer quality websites with copied or scraped content, so you can expect much the same from Panda 4.0. It means that you should keep posting high quality content to your website on a regular basis, rather than merely re-jig your product pages from time to time.

Fresh content has never been more important!

Panda 4.0 is all about rewarding those websites that post high quality, fresh and genuinely unique content, so if you don’t have a plan for putting this in place yet, now’s the time to start one. Make sure that your site has a well-designed blog that you post to all the time. The likes of lists, how-to articles and videos can all add that much-needed quality and uniqueness to your blog.

If you’re unsure where to start or just don’t think you’d be good at conveying your business the right way, get in touch with Jumping Spider Media, and we’ll get our experienced and capable copywriters on the job.

It’s not just about copywriting…

Website structure and navigation, too, make a big difference to your SEO fortunes today. Optimise your site for mobile and ensure the metadata allows for easy indexing by the search engines, and you can expect to thrive so much more in the era of Panda 4.0.