Google recently held its annual Performance Summit, and with it came the Innovations Keynote, where it announced plans to shake up the AdWords and Analytics platforms later this year. To get you prepared for the changes, we’ve rounded them up below and offered some useful tips to maximise your advertising investments.

Expanded text ads

One of the biggest announcements at the Performance Summit came in the form of expanded text ads. Headline capacity has been increased from one 25-character headline to two 30-character headlines, while two 35-character description lines have been replaced with a consolidated 80-character description line, giving you more room to describe your web page or service.

In addition, domain names are now automatically extracted from your promoted URL for a cleaner looking display URL, which is great for boosting your brand.

To prepare yourself for these changes, test existing ads with larger titles, and brush up on your marketing jargon to speak to your customers. If you’re not a confident writer, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team here at Jumping Spider Media. We have years of AdWords and content marketing experience and will be able to guide you through the changes coming to the platform.

Demographic targeting

Giving you more control over who sees your ads, demographic targeting and Similar Audience targeting will allow you to target very specific audiences, so act now by finding out exactly who you current audience is. Use third party data from sites like Facebook and Twitter to work out which demographics are interacting with your content the most, and then tailor your AdWords marketing to those, or entirely different, demographics when the updated AdWords launches.

Bid adjustments

AdWords’ update will come with bid adjustment modifiers for desktop, tablet and mobile devices, so you will be able to target your advertising closely to specific devices based on your business. If for example, you want to advertise your couture iPad cases exclusively on tablets, you will be able to set a modifier to do so, making your advertising much more targeted and precise.

Promoted pins

Baked into Maps, Google will allow businesses to promote their stores on the go. To prepare, make sure you are using Google My Business, and sign up to its new local inventory feed to let Google know which products you have in stock and at which locations. This means when promoted pins finally launch, Google will have all of the data it needs to offer you tailor-made pin packages.