For a small business seeking to develop a good SEO profile, local SEO can be a great starting point. Jumping Spider Media can help you in building effective local SEO; however, while doing so, your business could expand to many other places beyond its original location. If, for example, your business was originally set up in Newcastle, it could soon start also operating in nearby places like Gateshead, Sunderland and Durham. Here is some advice for adapting your local SEO strategy should your company indeed develop in this manner.

New places, new SEO techniques

Once your company has set up in a second location, turn to the free tool called Google My Business Locations. After using just a valid Gmail account to sign up, you can add several different locations for your company to be listed as located at in Google’s search results – on desktop computers, on mobile devices, and in Google Maps.

With every new location, you should also set up new pages of your company’s website dedicated to that location. Should your company expand into a different country, a whole extra website would be a better idea – but perhaps you still need help of Jumping Spider Media with reaching that stage…