If your business has an online presence, the chances are that you already have a website and social media strategy for driving customers to your products. However, getting your business online is only the beginning of the hard work; indeed, maintaining and growing an audience can be the most challenging aspect of running a business.

Here at Jumping Spider Media, we have rounded up five of the most common mistakes that businesses make online, while offering solutions to get you to the top of your game.

You’re not optimising your website for Google

A whopping 81% of new website visitors come from search engine results, so it is essential that you have a strong SEO strategy on your website.

Enlist the experts here at Jumping Spider Media to truly bolster your site’s search performance, delivering almost instant growth to your business’s web traffic and in turn, its customer base.

Your website doesn’t have a responsive design

In 2014, mobile traffic overtook desktop traffic, so it is essential to optimise your website for multiple devices. The best way to do this is by investing in a responsive website design, which scales well to almost all devices and screen sizes.

Your website copy doesn’t read well

Grammatical errors can be off-putting, but worse is confusing website copy. If your website doesn’t instantly convey your brand message, key goals and reasons why customers should choose you, you’re likely to lose them before they even venture past the homepage.

You’re using a free online template

Online website builders have transformed the way businesses can get online, but you cannot beat a custom designed website. A unique website will show your visitors that you mean business.  

Your social media strategy isn’t working

Social media is essential for all brands. Twitter and Facebook are the most common platforms, but sites like Instagram, LinkedIn or Pinterest can offer unique opportunities to engage with potential customers.

If time doesn’t allow you to post on social media regularly or you don’t know the best ways to convert your followers into customers, Jumping Spider Media offers social media management that can help you to surpass your competition.

Don’t leave the success or failure of your business’s online presence to mere trial and error – contact Jumping Spider Media about how we can help your firm to achieve real and long-lasting penetration on the web.