Whatever advertising program you choose for a Pay Per Click (PPC) management campaign – here at Jumping Spider Media, we’re experts in Google Adwords and its most recent changes – it’s so easy to underestimate how much it will cost.

Yes, you may be able to purchase some clicks for pennies, but those are only the keywords that no other companies are competing for. For keywords where there’s some serious competition due to large numbers of users entering them into Google, you can find yourself paying £20 or more… just for a click. A click, it’s vital to remember, doesn’t automatically mean a purchase.

The importance of the right PPC strategy

Is it surprising, then, that so many firms like yours blow huge amounts of money on PPC for little return? The good news is that this doesn’t need to happen to you – you simply need a good strategy.

Good tips for extracting the maximum potential from your PPC campaign range from organising your campaigns so that you can ramp up successful ones and ramp down unsuccessful ones, to consistently monitoring your campaigns. The latter step helps to ensure that your campaign is still delivering success right now, and has not become outdated.

Constant testing and the utilisation of negative keywords are also common methods for keeping a PPC campaign effective. Talk to Jumping Spider Media now about gaining a better return on investment from your own next campaign.