Facebook is undoubtedly a fun place to be – and a fun place to market, too. It helps that Facebook runs its own PPC (Pay Per Click) ads programme, allowing you to nudge your offerings in front of the Facebook users who are especially likely to buy them.

Still, there are reasons why your ads might struggle…

You’re targeting too small an audience

One of the measures that Facebook has taken to counter the privacy-related blows to its image in recent years is requiring advertisers to specify a minimum audience size for their ad campaigns.

If you’re a little too strict with your targeting parameters, the audience size could fall below this threshold.

Facebook is disapproving your ads or limiting their reach

This can happen if, say, you have crammed an ad’s image with over 20% text, or your ads are focused on protected categories like politics, housing and dating. If you realise that you are falling foul of Facebook’s parameters here, just fix your ads to get the approval you need.

Your ads just aren’t sufficiently engaging

Facebook is obliged to provide its users with a truly engaging and entertaining environment. This extends to the ads – meaning that if yours aren’t attracting enough clicks, likes, comments and shares, Facebook will share those ads less often. Replace them with new, more riveting ads!

You aren’t spending quite enough on your ads

The more you do spend on your ads, the more time Facebook has to assess the appeal of your ads and, therefore, whether it ought to keep serving them.

If there’s just no room to budge on your Facebook advertising budget, you might want to look into another marketing method.

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