In mid-October, Apple took the veil off the HomePod mini – a smaller version of the company’s HomePod smart speaker. The HomePod mini is a new addition to a crowded smart speaker market that also includes, of course, a wide range of Amazon Echo and Google Home models.

However, the mini’s arrival helps to underline the importance of optimising websites for voice search. Here are just three important reasons why your business could be missing out if potential customers can’t find out about it by vocally delivering search queries to smart speakers. 

It can help to keep your brand relevant

As more and more people purchase smart speakers and set them up in their homes, you should make sure your website is easy to find through voice search. 

An especially good reason why is that many competing websites probably aren’t – so, now’s the time to capitalise and get ahead of the pack!

You can improve the customer experience

As a customer of other businesses, you’re probably accustomed to conversing with their chatbots on websites or social media. However, the virtual voice assistants housed in smart speakers are arguably even more convenient, as the user doesn’t even need to load a website before sending their query. 

In essence, then, by optimising your website for voice search, you are practically making Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Echo and Google Assistant your brand ambassadors – and why wouldn’t you want them on side? 

You can soup up your SEO

Optimising for voice search necessitates optimising for more specific, longer-form queries than your site probably tends to get through conventional text-based searches. That’s because vocalising such lengthy questions is, naturally, often easier and less time-consuming than typing them. 

So, in tweaking your site to make it more accessible through voice search, our SEO experts can help make your site easier to reach through the more ‘traditional’ channels, too. Call or email the Jumping Spider Media team today to learn more about our knowhow in SEO and other forms of digital marketing.