Given the proven effectiveness of content marketing, you could see a clear appeal in setting up – and regularly updating – a blog for your company’s website. However, you shouldn’t expect quick success in content marketing simply from adding to a blog a few times every month.

Here, we outline a few blunders that can be too commonly made by companies that update blogs. Aim to give all of these approaches a wide berth…

Fretting too much about SEO issues

The Internet has stacks of what looks like very technical information regarding SEO – search engine optimisation – and how to get it right. However, you could end up with very staid content if you diligently attempt to tailor it just to what you think Google wants.

Ultimately, Google wants you to provide content that its users want. Therefore, make sure that your content is high quality and answers your target customers’ questions.

Providing content that is overly corporate and soulless

You shouldn’t simply treat your blog as an outlet for promotional spiel, as that’s not what people will want to read. This is instead your opportunity to show your company’s more human and approachable side. To that end, you shouldn’t be shy about showing passion and sharing opinions.

It could also be wise for you to inject a bit of humour into your content. After all, your readers might not always expect it – and it might make them remember you for the right reasons.

Not mixing up the types of content

Good variety can make your content feel more exciting. Therefore, don’t leave your blog posts as simply large blocks of text. Instead, you should break up that text with elements like images and videos. Peruse our website to learn why we can give you blog posts crafted for marketing success.