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How to reduce the expense of your Google Ads campaigns

Spending money on advertising naturally incurs a certain amount of risk, as there's no guarantee that your expenditure will translate into conversions. However, you can at least minimise that risk when you implement a PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising model like that of...

Social media engagement: why you need to make time for it

There's both an art and a science to fostering engagement on social media. The science could be choosing the social media platforms which, statistically, your target customers most often use. The art, meanwhile, can be posting the content that encourages them to...

A few simple ways to give your website’s SEO an appreciable boost

These days, the internet is a treasure trove of advice about SEO - or Search Engine Optimisation, as it is otherwise called. However, if it wasn't that long ago that you only ever saw "SEO" as the letters on a rack of Scrabble tiles, you could appreciate some simple,...

Why social media is the key for unlocking a Millennial customer base

Whereas members of Generation X probably grew up relying on TV and radio for discerning what products or services they should buy, it's been a very different situation for the succeeding generation, sometimes known as Generation Y but more commonly as - ahem -...

Toxic backlinks: how to spot them and, where possible, remove them

When you love what you do, don't you know that your links are toxic? Yes, we are punning on Britney Spears lyrics there - not that we would necessarily expect her to know what to do if she noticed that a needless surplus of toxic links were pointing to her website....

Why you shouldn’t try to ‘trick the system’ with your SEO copywriting

It’s a common truism that ‘content is king’, and we shouldn’t expect it to lose its throne any time soon. It’s also indisputable that copywriting can sway your website’s SEO – for the better or worse. All the same, though, it’s easy to take an overly technical approach to SEO copywriting.

How to master SEO for a business with multiple locations

Running a business in multiple locations poses a challenge when it comes to SEO. Whether you run geographically disparate restaurants of a large chain, multiple offices to reach out to various publishing markets, or another kind of multi-location firm, here’s what you should do…

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