It’s the dilemma that so many of us who have ever tried to write content for our own websites have faced: that feeling of sitting there in front of the computer screen, unsure of what we can write about that will actually enthral our target audience.

Or maybe you know full well what you need to write about, but it’s just a boring subject. Or perhaps you’re trying to spice up an old blog post that’s a little tedious to read?

You get the idea. The good news, though, is that it’s definitely possible to make even yawn-inducing content engaging and, dare we say it, even sexy. Here are a few tips that will help you to achieve it.

Don’t always write the same kind of content

Not every blog post or piece of webpage copy that you write has to be in the format of an informative essay. And let’s face it – writing stuff in the same format over and over is dull enough for the person creating the content, so you can bet that readers won’t be very engaged, either.

Perhaps it’s time for a ‘listicle’, or list article – think articles with titles like ‘5 great ways to…’ or ‘The 10 best places to visit in…’ Or maybe you could write an article that focuses specifically on one or several questions that you receive from customers, or even document an event that took place recently that your firm organised or is relevant to what your brand does?

Be brief if you need to be

Some topics don’t lend themselves well to paragraph after paragraph after paragraph of writing. So, don’t force yourself to compose a 500-word article about a subject that you should probably only be writing 200 words about if you have any interest in keeping your readers’ attention and interest.

Articles that represent brief, powerful stabs of content can be no less impactful than longer pieces, depending on the topic in question and the information you need to convey.

And whatever you do, don’t try to ‘write up to a word count’, if doing so forces you to come up with repetitive gibberish to reach the desired figure. Your audiences are unlikely to appreciate it.

Call upon your own tone of voice

Whether your brand already has a strong and easily recognisable tone of voice or it is still in the process of developing one, there’s no question that this can be a great way of making your content stand out.

Remember that human beings like to read what other human beings have to say, on a wide range of topics. So by using your own voice and sounding like an actual human being in the process, you can help to make your content more engaging and intriguing, even if the substance of what you have to say doesn’t drastically differ from what can be found on other brands’ websites.

Finally, bear in mind that if you are unsure whether you can inject enough excitement into your content yourself, you always have the option of requesting that our own team here at Jumping Spider Media does the job for you! Contact us online now to learn more about our highly regarded copywriting services.