If you have been regularly adding new content to a blog on your business website for quite a while, your enthusiasm could understandably falter as your well of inspiration seems to run dry. Have you really mined every last drop of potential from your blog? No, probably not…

Here are some ideas that could help to kick-start your creative thinking and so get the stream of unique and interesting articles running at a steady pace again.   

“How to” guide

How many times have you typed, into a search field, a query starting with “How to”? Probably quite often, judging from the popularity of online articles starting with “How to…” in their titles.

Indeed, why wouldn’t they be popular? When you don’t know how to do an initially bewildering task, an obvious next step is to turn to the Internet. Naturally, provide “how to” guides related to your firm’s offerings, but choose your keywords carefully to attract the right readers.

A long list of online resources

If some people have stumbled through to your blog because they need help with something, they are bound to appreciate being pointed in the direction of further relevant resources.

For this reason, you could benefit from dedicating the occasional blog post to listing many links to sites packed with useful information. Sell DIY supplies? Then list sites detailing DIY tips. Offer business training courses? Then point out online advice portals targeted at business owners.   

“A day in the life” post

Your customers or clients might get few chances to look behind the curtain, so to say, for a tantalising glimpse of how your business operates behind the scenes.

Therefore, tell a personal story of what your own day at the company involves – though we can still help you to write the piece, thanks to our copywriting services.