It’s easy to think that writing content for your website is no different to writing blog posts, online press releases or articles – and in some ways, you’d be right. However, there’s a definite art to great web copy, content that is so much more effective than the ‘hard sell’.

After all… nobody likes the hard sell

Seriously, they don’t – irrespective of what that desperate car salesman may have you believe. Customers are so much more likely to choose you if you have informed them well about what you have to offer and they are convinced that your product or service is the right one for them.

Above all, at least respect your customers’ right to make their own decisions.

Keep it ‘skimmable’…

Remember that people don’t ‘read’ web pages like they read a book, magazine or almost any other text. One recent study suggested that the typical Internet user only reads 28 per cent of the written content on an average web page.

Web users ‘skim’ content a lot more, so make it easier for them by breaking up your text with shorter paragraphs, bullet points and bold, underlined and italicised text – where appropriate, obviously.

…and simple

Remember, too, not to deter your visitors with impenetrable industry jargon. Instead, write in a professional, but conversational tone, akin to explaining your company, products or services to an interested uncle.

It all helps to make your content relatable to the average person… and for so many of the companies we write web copy for here at Jumping Spider Media, that is all-important to their online success.