Your website’s search engine optimisation (SEO) is important – SEO agencies realise that. However, they also realise just how easily desperate online business owners can be suckered into false claims about exactly what can be done for their search engine rankings.

Have you been looking online for SEO companies and come across some that claim to ‘guarantee’ a number one ranking? Sorry – that’s nonsense. Even the most knowledgeable and skilled SEO firm on the planet is still at the mercy of algorithm changes by the search engines that can alter rankings at any moment. All they can do is use the most tried-and-tested and effective methods.

What about those firms that say their methods are top secret? Again, such a claim should set off alarm bells in your head. The finest SEO firms won’t refuse to show you the work that they have done for your campaign this month. If they do, chances are that they’ve done no work at all. Frankly, as a paying customer, you are entitled to see what you are getting for your investment, and the best SEO companies will always be transparent about what they do.

Such transparency should extend to making it clear to the online business owner that SEO isn’t some kind of magical process, where an ‘inside connection’ at the search engines will be enough to propel a site up the rankings. The truth is that good SEO demands considerable knowledge, skill and hour after hour, week after week, month after month and year after year of hard work.

Here at Jumping Spider Media, we promise nothing less for your own SEO campaign with us.