Google Search Shopping campaigns were recently taken out of beta and offered to advertisers from all across the world. These so-called “digital showrooms” replaced product listing ads in 2014. They enable advertisers to browse their product inventories in AdWords and allow them to produce product groups for bidding. They make it easy for businesses to measure performance and look at useful CPC and CTR data.

The new service was designed to offer advanced reporting and make more sense of what Google call the “competitive landscape”. The company PetSmart recently found that 15% of all search ad clicks were leading to store visits within a month. They discovered this via the Estimated Total Conversion feature offered by Google Search Shopping. More and more companies are seeing updated ad products result in not only visits to digital stores but trips to physical shops too. Businesses of all sizes are experiencing the benefits of the revamped and rebranded service.

German retailer Real saw an 88% increase in its conversion rate since switching to the service, with a US pet supply company called Value Pet Supplies seeing an increase of 650% on return on ad spending.

With mobile search stats increasing all the time, more and more businesses are seeing the value in location-based ads. The gap between digital and foot traffic is closing, with Google seeing  location-based ads leading to nearly a third of customers visiting stores of making purchases. The company says that smartphone searches have more than tripled year-on-year.

Google Search Shopping could make a huge difference to your business – get in touch with an expert today to find out more.