Since we’ve been working with Jumping Spider Media, we have been contacted by BBC news twice, as well as the Financial Times, as a direct result of the content we receive as part of our SEO campaign.

Gareth Evans

E-commerce Manager, Ryness


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The fact is, whatever you’re selling online, from a product to your company’s reputation, you need quality content. 

According to, “In recent years, marketing’s greatest evolution has been the adoption of content as a fundamental part of the mix”.
However, most companies don’t have the time or the in-house talent to create this content. But we do, and you can afford us.

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Strictly Content – £199 per month

No contracts, just great content! We will provide a piece of content for your website every week, written by our trained online journalists and regarding any subject you wish. All for just £199 per month.

Full SEO campaign – £349 per month

No contracts! Content production every 5 days (6 pieces per month), all keyword research, weekly link building, on-page strategy, Google Analytics and position tracking in Google – a full package at an affordable price.

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