If it really is the case that 81% of new visitors to websites come from search engines, as was recently found by independent research firm Forrester, then it surely goes without saying that your own site’s landing pages need to be engaging ones. They need to be pages that not only inform, but also truly hook in visitors, ensuring that they become actual customers of your products or services.

As a highly regarded SEO provider, Jumping Spider Media can guide you through the various stages of creating an effective landing page. Although there are, of course, design features that can allow your landing page to make a bigger impact, the focus of today’s blog is on the written content of your landing page.

What is the purpose of your landing page?

Top SEO providers realise the importance of establishing the purpose of the landing page in question – for example, whether it is intended to achieve a direct sale or instead, provide a product or service in exchange for information such as an email address.

To be able to do that, though, you’ll need to first figure out what your online company’s Unique Value Proposition (UVP) is – namely, what it is that your firm offers and what makes it better than the offering of a competitor. This will need to be sharply defined so that you can explain, perhaps with the use of bullet points, the advantages of your products or services over those of any other company.

As part of the writing process, you will also need to define and understand your audience, which is again something in which the best SEO providers – such as Jumping Spider Media – have expertise.

Use the most compelling calls to action

Remember that the right headlines and sub-headings can play a critical role in improving the image of your company, product or service in addition to engaging them to invest. Such headlines should be relevant and reiterate the main benefit of the given product or service.

Also of great importance to a well-written landing page is one or more ‘calls to action’ that prompt visitors to take action of some kind. You’ll need more of these as your page increases in length, to help to keep your visitors focused on the purchasing process.

Here at Jumping Spider Media, we are an SEO provider that knows how to write landing pages so that they are effective as part of your wider SEO campaign. Call us now for more information on now we can do just that.