Attracting a new follower to one of your social media accounts is always good news, but there’s a big difference between curious newcomers and those who hang on to your every status update or tweet. The latter is a very valuable social media follower indeed: someone who is continually engaged with your brand story.

Use each social network the right way

No one social media platform is the same as the next – they all have their respective strengths, and you need to play to those strengths with each one. Your content on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram, for example, should be highly visual.

Meanwhile, Twitter is the place to provide in-the-moment commentary, in sharp contrast to LinkedIn, which lends itself superbly to longer professional content offering a deeper level of insight. Then, there’s YouTube, which is obviously about videos – but is often best when one spokesperson is consistently used, in pieces to camera.

But that’s not all…

There are so many more ways to inspire loyalty in your followers on social media. Your focus should be on adding genuine value to people’s lives, which is why giveaways and special promotions get so many ‘shares’. But even just communicating with new fans directly shows that you care and want to involve them in your brand story.

Finally, be ready to post regularly and consistently. Those hard-won followers will soon stray if your profiles aren’t being given a fresh injection of content on a routine basis, and they won’t be considered so relevant by Google, either.