Trying to get people to say the right things about your business on social media can be hard, but there’s a scarily good opportunity coming up for you to spark conversations “witch” can sell your products or services. Yes, we are referring to 31 October…

Not that you would have to wait until the day itself. After all, crafting an effective social media campaign very much depends on thorough planning. We can help you along the way – but, first, here are ideas for seasonal questions that firms could raise to their social media followers.

“Hallo” there! What to ask as 31 October nears

At this point, you might be shouting “Trick or treat!” On social media, the trick is to ask direct questions associated – at least to some extent – with what your company offers.

For example, if you run a beauty products retailer, you could query your followers on what scents especially remind them of Halloween. Meanwhile, if it is home decor that you sell, ask followers how they are decorating their residences for Halloween – and ask them to share pictures!

Even if you remain convinced that your customer or client base has long “outgrown” Halloween, they probably have children who haven’t. For this reason, if your company offers clothing, you could invite your followers to post photos showing costumes they have made for their kids.

So, what’s the treat? An appreciable promotional boost

As Halloween fever takes effect with the energy of a transforming werewolf, you could capitalise by running social media campaigns with strong Halloween themes. However, to make the best use of social media, you might need some expert help which our team at Jumping Spider Media can offer.

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