So commonplace have emojis become in online discourse, that they could be practically deemed a language of their own. However, they also have the potential to be divisive; leaving even just one emoji in the wrong place could risk your business looking more unprofessional than trendy.

Would this warrant you giving emojis a wide berth in your corporate copy, instead reserving them for their more usual domain of casual chat with social media friends and followers? Not quite. Emojis can be effective in business marketing – it’s largely just a matter of knowing where to use them.

Which emojis should you choose?

That depends on their intended context. While including emojis in email subject lines has been shown to increase open rates by up to 56%, you should remind yourself of the subject itself. Resist, for example, adding a cute unicorn emoji if it wouldn’t fit in with the subject or tone.

If you’re drawn to a particular emoji, you should also double-check what it means. Google or Emojipedia can be your friend here, as misusing an emoji could cause you needless embarrassment.

How many emojis should be included?

There’s much to be said for using emojis sparingly on social media. Whereas a single heart emoji has the previously demonstrated potential to spur higher user engagement, the excessive use of emojis can either overwhelm users or give them the impression that you are substituting for good copy.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, emojis can be particularly effective on social media, so you might fancy sprinkling some among your company’s status updates on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, if such a light-hearted approach would reflect your firm’s established brand.

If you remain unsure as to how you can leverage the best returns from your social media strategy, emojis or no emojis, our marketing gurus here at Jumping Spider Media can assist you by drawing upon their expertise in social media.