Even if you’re a skilled and experienced writer, it can be easy at times to find yourself in a “crisis of confidence” as to how effective your SEO content writing truly is. Our simple advice on that here at Jumping Spider Media is: keep at it. Indeed, recent statistics suggest – among many other things – that companies choosing to blog get 97% more links to their websites.   

Still, it’s only human to worry from time to time whether the people your brand is targeting really want to read yet another blog post about how wonderful your product is.

So, to give you what may be some much-needed inspiration, here are a few tips to bear in mind when you’re next writing blog content for your organisation. It’s all about ensuring your blog posts really are exciting and engaging for the typical reader.  

Always keep in touch with your passion!

Only last month, we said goodbye to the celebrated Formula One commentator, Murray Walker – a man as renowned for his simple enthusiasm for motor racing as he was for his comical errors or blunders, affectionately known as ‘Murrayisms’.

We aren’t just bringing up the subject of Murray because he once worked in advertising. That’s because we also think that in any form of marketing – and blog writing is certainly one of those – you should never lose contact with the passion that made you start out in business in the first place.

Of course, we don’t recommend leaving your blog posts riddled with errors. But Walker became a communications legend, in part because of his ability to make even the most seemingly mundane on-track moments exciting for the viewer. And it’s a similar story when it comes to your blog writing.

Get back in touch with that simple enthusiasm for what your brand does, and it’ll energise your blog posts… and in the process, help make them more enthralling to read.  

Converse with your readers as people

Another thing that the best blog writers are really skilled at, is writing in a way that feels akin to a conversation. It’s not a simple thing to do, but it’s nonetheless something worth bearing in mind when you next write a blog post for your business website.

A good way to start is to create an image in your head of the kind of customer you’d wish to have such a conversation with. Think about the people who may have walked into your brick-and-mortar office or store from time to time, and how you may have talked to them while they were in the room with you.

Then, transfer some of that ‘conversational’ spirit to your blog posts. In other words, write in a way that is easy to understand, captivating and relatable for your target audience, avoiding intimidating jargon, while genuinely answering some of the questions they’re likely to have of you.

Avoid deadening ‘corporate speak’

This is a tip we’d advise you to be a bit careful with. Naturally, if your desired or established brand image is all about prestige and gravitas, you won’t want the tone of your blog posts to come across as too frivolous. After all, this part of your site is still supposed to be genuinely reflective of your wider brand.

However, your blog posts also shouldn’t lack so much personality, that they effectively shutter your brand behind an impersonal, corporate facade. Whatever the nature of your company and what it does, your blog posts are still being written by a human being, and your readers should be left with an impression of authenticity.  

So, don’t use distancing vocabulary that makes your blog posts look like they could have been generated by a chatbot. Avoid saying, for example, that “your custom is appreciated”, when you could instead say: “We couldn’t be happier to have you as a customer. What else can we do to help you?”  

If – even after reading all of the above – you’re still a bit intimidated by the thought of writing your own brand’s blog posts, or struggling to achieve the right ‘tone’ and ‘style’, don’t worry! Here at Jumping Spider Media, we write all manner of online content – including blog posts – for organisations like yours. Simply call or email us today to find out more.