Relatively few of the good things in life happen quickly – more often than not, even apparent ‘overnight successes’ are the product of month after month, year after year of diligent and not very glamorous hard work.

This can pose a real problem for SEO. Higher search engine rankings are what every online business desires, and much like the stereotypical ‘pushy parent’, their enthusiasm and eagerness to achieve that goal can be their undoing.

It isn’t possible to just hire an SEO consultant and expect them to wave their magic wand so that your site will suddenly appear on the first page of Google for certain keywords. Much more likely is that your SEO campaign will be a hard slog, with as many ups and downs as life itself.

SEO needs to be factored in from the start

All too often, businesses won’t even contact an SEO professional until they have already got their website up and running, and even perhaps achieved a few benchmarks.

This is a major mistake, because such businesses presume an SEO consultant to be there to do some ‘cleaning up’. It might not even cross their mind that SEO needs to be a major part of the building process, right from the start.

SEO permeates every aspect of your online presence, so start thinking about it at the earliest planning stage. Doing the opposite – treating it as an afterthought – only results in you having to fork out even more money.

It’s one of the most avoidable errors in SEO.