“If you don’t ask, you don’t get.” “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” You are bound to have heard of these sayings. If you are from the Newcastle area, you have probably also heard that “shy bairns get nowt”. Translated from Geordie, that says “shy children get nothing”.  All of these phrases are saying generally the same thing – and that thing is something that you should keep in mind if you want to build more links to your website that can help it to develop greater online visibility.

You can act so that we can act to build links for your website

One common myth about link building is that, if you make a great website or webpage, it will naturally lead to more links to the website. However, we at Jumping Spider Media think that it would be more realistic to say that, if you make a high quality website or webpage, it might attract more links. You should still be proactive to amass links – and you can do that by turning to Jumping Spider Media for assistance with link-building. We can then be proactive by, for your website, making great content while also discerning a suitable audience and deciding on a good promotional strategy.