Social media is far from a bad thing for your company’s online presence – in fact, it can be very good indeed, as we know full well here at Jumping Spider Media. But we’ve also seen way too many examples of website owners getting their approach to social media badly wrong.

Costly mistakes that damage your online chances

Let’s imagine, for example, that you’ve decided to make your social media page that bit more interesting, by also posting updates about day-to-day events in your office, or what charitable deeds some of your employees have been getting up to lately.

There’s nothing wrong with that – but remember that people follow your page so that they can learn something of relevance to them. If you start veering too far away from what your company actually does, into topics that are especially personal, controversial or just plain unrelated to the business, people who were once your ‘fans’ will be quickly turned off.

Also, don’t constantly jump around from one hot new social networking site to another. After all, you didn’t build up all of those followers just so that you could abandon them – what does that say about how much you care about your customers? Instead, identify two or three good platforms on which to have a long-term presence.

Talk to us about your social media campaign

There are so many other ways in which you can make a mess of your site’s social media strategy, such as by not including branding in your social media images, or becoming too dependent on your Facebook or Twitter page, to the detriment of your main website.

To ensure that you get social media right, just contact the experts at Jumping Spider Media today.