“Look on the bright side.” “See the glass as half full, not half empty.” “Don’t worry, be happy.” You have likely heard or read all of these sayings at some point, the last of the three thanks to a certain popular song by Bobby McFerrin from the 1980s – and, of course, they are all generally saying the same thing. Basically: be positive. You may not have realised just how crucial that message is for crafting effective copy for your website, as Jumping Spider Media can do.

Positive language encourages positive feelings!

Ultimately, you want your copy to be warm, friendly and sending out positive vibes. This better ensures that, when people come across the copy, they associate your website – and, by extension, the company running it – with good things. Positive language can give someone more confidence in addressing whatever problem they want to solve with your website’s help.

Such language can include, early on, asking the visitor a question that you know – or, at least, feel confident – they will say “yes” to. This can encourage them to reply in the affirmative to other questions you ask later. We don’t need Bobby McFerrin among our employees to know all of this!