Remember the old advertising slogan in the early history of the iPhone, “There’s an app for that”? You know that it’s just as true as it’s ever been when there are even effective apps for measuring how far you’ve come with your SEO efforts. And all of the apps we recommend below are not only effective, but also free to download to your iPhone or iPad.

iWebmaster Tools – Website SEO & Analytics

One vital starting point for improving the SEO performance of your company’s website is knowing precisely how well the site is already performing in this area – not to mention which aspects of its SEO profile are most in need of improvement. This iWebmaster Tools app can give you an in-depth report which takes account of how well your website’s headings, main body text, keywords, meta tags, title and more are faring in SEO.

iSEO – SEO Audit Tool

This app, too, can gather various types of information about the success of your site’s SEO efforts. The way in which this iSEO app displays this information for your perusal is, on the whole, easy to read and comprehend; nonetheless, if you are fairly inexperienced with SEO, you could be excused for struggling to get your head around many of the words and phrases attached to the statistics. That’s when turning to the SEO experts here at Jumping Spider Media can be a good idea. We can help you to untangle much of the jargon.

SEO Edge

Download the SEO Edge app and you should find it straightforward to monitor your website’s search engine ranking for whatever keyword. Furthermore, all of the results come from Google search; this should reassure you that they provide an accurate reading of how visible your website is to many of the searchers you are most eager to promote it to.