One major reason to keep social media as a weapon in your company’s online marketing arsenal is that the likes of Facebook and Twitter are regularly adding exciting new features for their users. So, what fresh functionality have Twitter’s developers been adding to the micro-blogging service recently? Here are just a few examples – along with some ideas for how you could effectively utilise them for your firm’s promotional campaigns.

If you don’t ask, you don’t get…

You might think that Twitter’s poll function, which enables you to put a multiple-choice question to your followers for a continuous period of 24 hours, serves a very obvious purpose: it helps you to discern what your target customers want! That’s useful for any company, surely? Yes, but Twitter polls can also be good simply for engaging these people and keeping them genuinely interested in what you have to say.

Was it something they said?

There are various historical figures who, to this day, remain commonly quoted for their little pearls of wisdom – think Winston Churchill, William Shakespeare and Napoleon Bonaparte, to cite just a few. That goes to show the power of a good quote – and, thanks to Twitter’s Quote Tweet function, your company can more easily share fascinating nuggets with its followers – not to mention provide its own commentary on selected quotations.

GIF I was promoting my company on Twitter…

It seems that, in many situations in life, there can be an animated GIF that sums up our feelings better than almost anything else. This gets to the core of why using these wonderful graphics in tweets can lead followers to better identify with your company. If, however, you remain unsure which GIFs would be best for which tweets, our social media experts here at Jumping Spider Media can help prevent you putting your foot in it.