The term “digital marketing” can seemingly fluctuate in its definition; whereas it is sometimes limited to search engine optimisation (SEO) and social media marketing, it can occasionally also refer to websites and digital outreach.

This patchwork of supposed definitions probably helps to explain why a few myths have sprung up about digital marketing. It’s time to bust some of those falsehoods…      

“I don’t have the technical expertise to benefit from digital marketing.”

“Digital marketing” can be a scary term; it can be easy to assume, from the “digital” part of the equation, that you would need in-depth technical knowledge to make proper use of it.

However, while digital marketing has indeed brought a few new, technical-looking things to the marketing table, the staples of offline marketing – including understanding your audience and how to reach them – remain strongly applicable with digital marketing.

“With the right tools, I can carry out digital marketing myself.”

It’s true that, with the release of various marketing automation tools, success in digital marketing has probably looked closer than ever for many of us.

However, an experienced marketer will be able to quickly mine more from these tools than would be possible for a novice marketer. As no such tool serves as a magic wand, so to say, remember to tread carefully.

“I can simply push out more content to get better results.”

It’s the “quality vs quantity” debate, but quantity often loses out. That’s because content has to be genuinely informative and entertaining to be awarded high prominence by Google, which is always acting in the searcher’s interests.

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