Google AdWords is a key plank of many of our clients’ online marketing campaigns, and if there’s anything that the more experienced of those clients know well, it’s that the right landing page is really important to their success in Pay Per Click (PPC).

The vital role of a good landing page

You might think that Google AdWords is a tool for getting more great quality traffic to your landing pages, but it’s actually a two-way relationship, with landing pages being given a Quality Score by AdWords. If you have a better score, you can expect a more advantageously-positioned ad and with it, greater PPC success.

How can I improve my own landing page?

Talk to Jumping Spider Media about how you can fine-tune your landing page to get great results from Google AdWords. We can advise you on determining what you want from your landing page campaign, your intended target market and what exactly you are offering your customers.

Coming up with an effective landing page for Google AdWords may also depend on getting to know what your rivals are doing with regard to PPC, in addition to considering the most appropriate marketing message and the keywords that are to be used on your page.

Finally, it’ll help to determine a method for measuring your results, so that you can better figure out what works on a landing page for your company, product or service, and what doesn’t. Good luck!