Earlier this month, Google rolled out its latest algorithm update, and with it, made changes to the way local search results were displayed. In typical Google style, the changes have yet to be confirmed by the search giant, but the local search engine community has cited some significant changes to the way in which local businesses are listed on the website.

Dubbed ‘Possum’, the new update is believed to be impacting 3-pack and Local Finder business results with an aim of diversifying local listings and preventing spam from ranking on the results.

City limits businesses are ranking higher

For businesses that operate just outside of city limits, ranking well on city-heavy keywords has always been a challenge. Now, however, such businesses are enjoying increased rankings, suggesting that Google’s algorithm is taking into account such business addresses in its results.

Google is now filtering results based on address

If you have multiple business listings with the same telephone number or address, then the chances are that your results will be filtered to prevent duplicates and spam from entering the local search results. Now, businesses in the same category with the same address will be filtered, too.

Physical search location is more important than before

Since the update, the searcher location is more important than ever. So, in the case of tracking your rankings, you need to ensure that your searcher location has been set correctly.

Local filter is running independently from organic filter

Although Google may have used organic filters to measure its local rankings in the past, it appears that this algorithm is allowing the local rankings to filter independently. In the past, if Google filtered out your website organically, this would have a negative impact on your ranking, but with the new algorithm, this is no longer the case.

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