We may now be in a firmly digital world, but traditional advertising and marketing practices still frequently hold fast, and this could barely be more true than in the writing of effective headlines. From the earliest newspaper articles to current tweets, there has always been a need for marketers to attract readers’ attention.

Here are some of our favourite ways of ensuring exactly that.

1. Mention the target audience

Do you want to target web designers, marketers, butchers, bakers or candlestick makers? If so, mention them directly, for example: The SEO techniques marketers need to know.

2. Refer to clients’ pains

What do we mean by client “pains”? We’re referring to the challenges that they face, that your article proposes to help them solve. You might state, for instance, How anxious content writers can finally conquer writer’s block.

3. Use digital numbers

Digital numbers make absolutely clear to the reader how many benefits they will gain from your article. Such concrete deliverables will always get people clicking. A good example of such a headline would be 5 cheap SEO-boosting tricks.

Not only do traditional methods like the above remain important, but they are arguably more important than ever before, given the increased competition presented by the modern World Wide Web and ever-shortening reader attention spans.

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