We at Jumping Spider Media are delighted to help your business to a valuable head start when it comes to spreading the word through Google AdWords. However, if you have a smartphone or tablet running the Android operating system, we would urge you to also download the AdWords app. It’s recently been updated, and offers a pleasing range of features for keeping track of your online advertising exploits and their returns.

So, what can you basically expect with this AdWords app?

Once you’ve got various AdWords advertising campaigns up and running with our help, you can keep an eye on how those campaigns are faring wherever you are on the go. While it’s not as sophisticated in functionality as the AdWords website you can log into, you still have the options of viewing campaign statistics, updating bids and budgets, receiving real-time alerts and notifications, and acting on our follow-up ideas for improving your campaigns.

A fantastic tool for when you’re away from the office

Despite having read about all of these great features, you might still wonder: why do I really need to regular monitor my AdWords campaigns from my smartphone or tablet? What’s wrong with just checking from my computer instead? We’ve got a simple answer to that: your work could necessitate regular travelling to various places across the country, or maybe even the world. Being able to simply whip out your mobile device in order to enjoy much of the AdWords functionality can therefore often be of much better practical use.