The COVID-19 pandemic will undoubtedly leave many things dramatically altered, at least for the foreseeable future, in its wake – and the live events scene is one obvious example. Would it be ill-advised to attempt scheduling an in-person product launch event for the near future?

The figures do suggest so. In a YouGov survey conducted in April, 59% of respondents said that allowing large events should be the “lowest priority” for the government as it loosens lockdown restrictions. Still, this doesn’t strictly mean you have to put your next product launch on hold.

Marketing from home remains a very practical possibility

We’ve already seen examples of how this can happen. During the pandemic, Apple has announced new products – including a new iPad Pro, iPhone SE and Smart Keyboard accessory – through press releases. One Apple executive even filmed a product demonstration.

Such socially-distanced promotional measures could easily inspire your own. If you want to show off cooking equipment, for example, you could use a series of videos to show how these utensils could be effectively purposed for making various dishes.

What if you sell bespoke, rather than readymade, products – like jewellery, art and, perhaps, textile-based masks? Those are all easy to make from home, and you could share footage of yourself doing so – a great way to put viewers at ease about how you safeguard quality.

Don’t forget social media

Sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram give you free-to-use marketing platforms at your fingertips. Many people – not just the usual celebrities – have amassed significant followings on social media, and might even agree to advocate your product on your behalf.

This can prove a particularly resilient pillar of a wider social media marketing strategy with which our veteran team can help you – just dial 020 8089 4404 for further insight.