In an earlier blog post, we detailed great advantages of a travel company having well-written blog posts regularly published on their websites and other websites. Still, what we haven’t yet mentioned is how a travel company could benefit from clever use of the hugely popular social networking website Twitter. Below are just two examples of how they could so benefit.

They can speedily advertise a special offer

If a travel company has just made available a special offer – for example, 20% off the typical price of a two-week stay in Paris – that will nonetheless only be available for a relatively short duration of time, Twitter is a great place for the company to advertise this special offer. This is because a single tweet on Twitter can be quickly both initially noticed and then forgotten about.

It is possible for them to quickly draw attention to many different countries

Have you considered holidaying in France? Canada? Turkey? South Korea? Australia? The Bahamas? Brazil? Norway? The Czech Republic? Mexico? Noticed what a large number of names of countries you were able to read in quick succession there? That experience can be much like seeing a holiday firm advertising many different countries on Twitter.