If you are an active reader of digital marketing blogs like this one, you might understandably feel from time to time that more-or-less every aspect of promoting your business online seems to be advertised as “essential”.

But your brand’s online reputation really is everything, especially in 2021. This is largely because of how closely interconnected it is to every other component of how you present your firm to target customers or clients.

You only need to look at what happens to the Google search results for a given celebrity or company’s name when they are embroiled in a public controversy or scandal, to appreciate the importance of protecting and enhancing one’s reputation online.

But how can you be confident that your brand is seen in a positive light online in the first place?

It’s a simple process to get a ‘snapshot’ of your business’s reputation online

Determining whether your brand has a good online reputation is largely just about checking that the information presented about your brand online is positive. And you can start to do that with a step as simple as performing a Google search for your brand name.

Pore through the first page of the search results, and assess whether each result could be seen as ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ in terms of your brand’s reputation. Hopefully, even if there are a few results that aren’t overwhelmingly positive about your business, they at least won’t be overly negative, and therefore damaging to your brand’s online reputation.

It’s also worth looking at the ‘ratings’ or number of stars your business receives on such platforms as Facebook, TripAdvisor and its Google business listing. When was the last time, for example, that you even bothered trying a particular local restaurant if it didn’t have a minimum of four out of five stars on these sites?

We’ll help you on your journey to actively managing your brand’s reputation

It might be very easy for you to presume that your online reputation is ‘out of your control’, because of how much of it is derived from what other people say about you or your brand online.

But that’s not entirely true. Indeed, reputation management is a long-established field in its own right, based on the art of presenting yourself in the most flattering way to your target audiences.

Would you like to learn more about how you can better control your firm’s image in the digital sphere in the 2020s, with the help of Jumping Spider Media’s online marketing experts? If so, it couldn’t be simpler to get in touch with us.