Readers of our previous blog posts on the subject of blogging here at Jumping Spider Media will know why we believe in the value of this digital marketing practice so strongly. With a well-maintained blog, you can drive greater volumes of relevant traffic to your website, build your brand’s authority and credibility in its field, and help out readers with genuinely insightful information along the way.

While we’re talking about helping out readers, though… even if your target audiences enjoy your brand’s blog posts, this isn’t a guarantee that they will then purchase your products or services.

Of course, nothing is. But by following the below tips, you can better ensure the people who view your blog posts frequently ‘convert’ into buyers from your brand.

Write each blog post with one overall goal in mind

Your company blog is not the place to ramble on about anything and everything that makes your business great, within one blog post.

Instead, decide what your main objective is for each blog post before you start writing it. Is the blog post you’re about to write aimed at getting the reader interested in a particular product or service of yours? Or is the intention more to build general brand awareness and authority, perhaps through an informative ‘how-to’ post on a relevant subject? Not every blog post your brand produces needs to be very ‘sales-focused’, but some kind of focus helps.

Be clear about who you are writing for

Think about what kind of person is likely to read your company’s blog posts – and what you would like them to do once they have finished reading. Identifying the audience for your blog content is imperative, as it will help you determine the language you use, and to communicate your desired message clearly to them.

Solve a problem the reader has

Remember; you aren’t writing blog posts simply for the sake of putting content on your website, and your target customers certainly won’t be reading your blog posts just for the sake of reading. People go online to seek answers to questions that they may have, or to find products or services that meet a particular requirement of theirs.

So, you need to blog with that in mind – while also appealing to your readers’ emotions. This will help convince them to go as far as actually buying from your brand.

Include a ‘call to action’ at the end of your blog posts

Calls to action are often referred to in online marketing articles like this one as ‘CTAs’. As the term suggests, they’re calls to act in a certain way – instructions to the reader that leave them in no doubt about what you wish them to do.

There are a lot of potential examples of CTAs, such as asking that the reader signs up to your e-newsletter or buys a particular product of yours.

To underline the point, let’s leave you with our own CTA. We provide a wide range of proven digital marketing services here at Jumping Spider Media, of which copywriting is just one. So, why not email or phone us today about the benefits our search-engine-optimised content writing can bring to your brand?