These are very different times for link building compared to just three or four years ago. Before the Penguin and Panda Google algorithm updates came along, directory links and article links were the links you had to have – and the more of them you had, the better things were for your site. Then, once Penguin and Panda did break cover, quality suddenly became all-important, manifesting in widespread infographics and guest blogging.

Now, things are changing again, Google clamping down on the likes of the guest blog network MyBlogGuest, and SEO agencies are again forced to seek out effective, perhaps unusual link building techniques that are yet to come under Google’s microscope. These methods won’t work forever, but they could definitely bring your site great results over the next year or so.

From updating old effective content to using multiple sources

Sometimes, it’s difficult to think of a new angle – so why not re-purpose some of your content that has worked well previously? Take the same content and put it into different formats, from reports and videos to infographics and good old blogs, all helping to spread that content – and your site – to the broadest possible audience.

Or why not, the next time a blog post needs to be written, make one using multiple sources? You could ask for opinions on a certain subject from a panel of industry experts, writing up the answers. The contributors are likely to use their social profiles to share your content, again spreading it far and wide.

It’s just one more way of giving your link building efforts a nice little uplift in 2014 – and the experts at Jumping Spider Media can do the really difficult work for you.