Whether your business is large or small, there are certain ground rules to search engine optimisation (SEO) that are unlikely to ever change – such as the need for the highest quality content, built around the needs of human users rather than the search engines. However, it’s always interesting to read about how updates to Google’s algorithm are gradually transforming SEO.

Indeed, with the latest change – Hummingbird – being a complete replacement of search engine algorithm rather than the more subtle refresh that is often seen, business owners may be especially anxious about how much it could affect their search engine rankings. But bear in mind that SEO is definitely an art rather than a science, and that it even takes us SEO specialists some time to properly analyse and understand it!

So, what can we say has changed since Hummingbird took effect in the last week of August 2013? Well, this particular change is really about mobile search, voice search and conversational search. Named Hummingbird due to being “fast and precise”, the new algorithm delivers better results from longer and more complicated queries. It is even more effective than previous algorithms at pinpointing genuinely great quality content, rather than content that may simply have a few of the right keywords.

In many ways, of course, nothing has changed at all, with webmasters advised to take the same steps as before to ensure really great content. Hummingbird just makes Google that little bit better at helping its users – so contact us here at Jumping Spider Media for our help in ensuring that your own website does exactly the same.