There are various means to which you could resort in attempts to foster customer engagement. When someone visits your website, they might come across contact forms inviting them to sign up for a regular newsletter or start chatting with a human respondent in real time.

However, such amenities are likely to provide poor results for the expenditure required. Deploying a chatbot can prove much more cost-effective – for these reasons and many others…  

The savings can start stacking up quickly

Though adding a chatbot would require some spending from the start, this little bot could soon easily start paying for itself. After all, you would not need to fund its holiday time or sick days; neither would it be necessary that you pay for its pension.

It will never pick up any injuries requiring medical treatment, either – the worse that could happen is that it fails to meet customers’ needs. Not that there is strictly a big chance of even that occurring…

Your chatbot can impressively satisfy customers

As nothing would stop you making your chatbot available right around the clock, it can help your customers even when your company’s office has long been closed for the day. The chatbot can intelligently answer customer queries well into the evening hours, for example.

This advantage shouldn’t be overlooked – as, without it, your website could too easily leave frustrated visitors at a loss and subsequently bouncing away to look elsewhere for what they need.

You can more effectively generate leads

As your chatbot converses with a prospect, they can better pin down this person’s requirements. This is information which, once at your disposal, could help you to tailor your offerings for a more favourable return. Phone us on 020 3070 1959 to find out how we could assist you in setting up a chatbot.