Though the link building experts at Jumping Spider Media can teach you wise methods for link building, amassing promotionally effective links can rely on knowing what NOT to do as well as knowing what to do. This is because a mistake in link building can leave your website not merely in the same place as it was before, but actually blacklisted by search engines. Here are examples of things that you should avoid doing when link building in order to protect your hard work.

Be careful to avoid writing ‘spammy’ guest blog posts

Though many people have amassed links through writing posts for other websites’ blogs, since 2014, ‘spammy’ guest blog posts have been discouraged by Google. What do we mean here by ‘spammy’ posts? Basically, posts that include poor content and are on low-ranking websites.

Also be careful when commenting on blog posts

Posting to other websites’ blogs with comments that each include a link to your website can be another good way of effective link building. However, there are certain ‘don’ts’ to heed here. For example, don’t place a link within a comment’s text and don’t make meaningless comments, like just “Hey, great article! :-D”. Don’t go off-topic, either.