Once you’ve found a good blog online, following it and keeping an eye out for when new content arrives on it can feel a lot like regularly watching new episodes of your favourite TV show: you know generally what to expect, but the fresh material can often surprise you in pleasant ways. 

When you add a blog to your business website and – especially importantly – regularly post new content to that blog, you can attract valuable new custom for your company. 

Mix it up with the format of the blog posts 

Though typing out a stream of text is the most conventional way of creating new content for a blog, it’s hardly the only way. You might not have realised how many people actually prefer to consume content in alternative formats, such as audio – think podcasts – or video.  

When you diversify exactly how you deliver content for your blog, you can help to keep its’ followers interest for longer – long enough, hopefully, for many of them to decide to buy from you. 

Give your readers incentive to subscribe

Though it’s easy to perceive that “if you build it, they will come”, in truth, too many readers could lose interest in your blog if you don’t tempt them into subscribing to it. Your objective here would be to notify readers when new content comes in, so that they keep coming back for it.

Readers could be persuaded to hit the “subscribe” button if you offer certain bonuses, like in-depth guides and tutorials in the form of e-books, exclusively available to subscribers. 

Our digital marketing specialists include copywriters who can write your blog’s textual content for you. We can also set up social media channels that would enable readers of your blog to subscribe through social media sites they already use regularly and, as a result, trust highly.