A directory is a website that displays a categorised list of other websites. There are directories for almost any website type, including ‘Home and Garden’ sites, Electricians, Web designers and more. This week on the blog we will be discussing how links from these sites can help your SEO campaign and help you climb the Google ladder.

An important link building tool

Directories are undeniably important link building tools in any SEO campaign. They help Google see your website as a source of authority and as popular. They act as a great way to get new links quickly and help get your website indexed by the search engines.

Directories not only generate more inbound link, but they also provide some traffic to your website and help you generate leads. Make sure you are also listed on local sites to ensure the right customers find your business.

Choosing the right directories

Ensuring your website is featured on general directories as well as industry specific websites is vitally important. It is also essential that you are selective. Always look for websites that have a submission policy, meaning they will review your submission before adding your website to their directories. This ensures not just any site will be added and therefore ensures quality. Also, be aware that paid sites will not always offer the best site as even spam websites can pay to be added. The better option is to look for sites with a submission policy.

Also, make sure you are not using sites that feature adult content. You can also check the quality of the site by seeing how long the site has been around, the quality of the other listed sites and by checking their backlink profile.

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