How you live your day-to-day life right now is probably very different to how you did just a year ago. That’s for one simple and obvious reason above all: the COVID-19 pandemic, which has freed up a lot of time for us but also forced us to largely spend it within the walls of our homes. 

All of this has affected ways that many of us check out online content – like articles, blog posts, video and podcasts. Here are some of the changes that could influence how you now create content. 

Long-form content has increased in popularity

Well, it’s not like we exactly lack time to read that content. After all, we could do with a distraction from doomscrolling! Lengthy essays and opinion pieces that may previously have been largely limited to magazines and journals are now surprisingly viable options for inclusion on online blogs, too.

Content has proliferated on a wider variety of platforms

Much like the extra free time you’ve gained in lockdown has enabled you to sample, say, music you wouldn’t usually have listened to, it might also have led you to experiment with new, previously uncharted sources of content – perhaps including webinars and virtual events. 

An unencumbered user experience is now more valued 

No-one wants to sit down on their sofa to read a long article or watch a long video, only to notice that the text or video keeps juddering to accommodate pop-ups and ads displayed on the same page. However, that too often still happens. 

Good-quality writing is in higher demand Sloppily-crafted writing in your company’s name should never be deemed a good omen for your brand, but now is an especially bad time to leave such prose untouched. Fortunately, our skilled copywriters could help you to polish your site’s text if it is below par.