Native advertising blurs the line between standard advertising and more spontaneous content. You’ve probably had experiences of reading through an article or watching a video only to realise relatively late that it is advertising. Native advertising can use various other forms of media, too.

We can create such advertising for your company – and, if you remain uncertain about the benefits, consider the following examples of native advertising that proved effective.


Were you a 1990s child? The mere mention of that decade probably brings back blissful memories of Tamagotchis, Hungry Hippos and “milk caps”, all of which feature in this Microsoft video from 2013.

The objective of this video was actually to promote the web browswer Internet Explorer, your early experiences of which have probably left a stain on your ’90s memories. However, the video implored its viewers to “reconnect” with a new version of the browser, because: “You grew up. So did we.”

State Street Global Advisors

State Street Corporation’s investment management division placed a statue, called the Fearless Girl, in front of the better-known Raging Bull statue on Wall Street in New York City. The bronze figure, aimed at promoting the “SHE” fund, attracted over a billion Twitter impressions in just 12 hours.

Holiday Inn Express

You might have stayed at a Holiday Inn Express hotel, perhaps on a business trip where you clipped a bagged phone to the tray table in front of your aeroplane seat.

If you are wondering why we suggest this, the answer is this article on the BuzzFeed site. It might list business-friendly “backpacking hacks” in BuzzFeed’s typically punchy style, but it’s actually sponsored by… yes, Holiday Inn Express, as a subtle notice reveals.

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